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Roulette Online

Online Roulette is a game of chance in which players cannot impact or predict the result. But still this game is remaining one of the most profitable and entertaining casino games. The proliferation of casino games and the internet advent caused the flourishing of online casino industry. There are a lot of advantages and no deposit bonuses for online casino players. Both simplicity and complicacy of this game make it so interesting and exciting.

Online Roulette rules

The players bet against the casino through the placing wagers on certain numbers and color combinations which are on a wheel. Following these very bets the dealer spins the wheel and the Roulette ball spins inside the Roulette wheel. After the ball lends on some certain numbered slot, the dealer declares the winning number. After that he reconciles all bets.

The most popular Roulette wheels

There are two main Roulette wheels: American and European. American wheel is the most popular. Both land based and online casinos use this type of the Roulette game. American Roulette has 36 numbered black and red pockets and two "zero" slots: "single zero" ("0") and "double zero" ("00"). European has 36 numbers either but there is no "double zero" pocket. This makes a huge difference in the house edge of the game which is 5.26% for American and 2.7% for European. The odds are much better in European Roulette. For that very reason it might be rather difficult to find European Roulette in brick and mortal casinos.

Online Roulette Strategies


This system is considered to be the most popular and easy to remember. The main principle is than the player should double the bet number after each loss and when one finally wins all earnings return all previous losses.


This system allows the player to raise the bets after each loss and decrease them after each winning.

These are the main principles of Roulette strategies. To read more about Roulette Strategies click here.