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Double Street

There are numerous systems and strategies for roulette playing. They aren't always easy to understand, but they are all based on the same principle - you have to generate some winning in the end. Here is another example of playing strategy:

Strategy No 1

In the first round, you have to bet 5$ ( well, not necessary 5$, you may bet more, but it is easier to explain the system with dollars - we can talk in units - if the unit is 4 dollars, when we talk about 5 units, it's actually 20 dollars, etc).

We put 3$ on small, one on the 19-24 line, and one on the 31-36 line.

If the following number is, let's say, 13, we have won 6$, and our balance is +1$.

Then we put 5$ again, 3$ on large, and 2$ on the first 12 numbers. If we lose this round, our balance would be -4$.

After that, we can put 10$ bet - 6$ on large, and 4$ on the first 12 numbers. If the following number is, for example, 24, our score is now -2$.

In this case we would play the double bet game until our balance is +1$ again, and then we could start the first bet in session again.

Well, there is always a possibility of loosing the double bet. In that case, we would bet 20$ - 12 on a simple chance, and 4+4 on some six lines.

Of course, we can lose again. In this case, we can keep playing with 20$, or to continue playing doubling our bets in every round, if we can afford this.

We should end up with 10-15$ profit, but there are no guarantees for that.

Some variants

There are some variants of a system - for example, you can try this one:

You should bet only when the same 6-line win twice. If you win, you have to wait until it happens again. Well, it's the same thing if you lose, also. The procedure is the same, and the profit is supposed to be up to 10$.