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Rick is the main character of the most romantic and loved film of all times - Casablanca. Who would forget the theme song or the airport scene? Who could forget Humphrey Bogart?

Rick was also very successful roulette player: the scene from the movie when he asked a croupier to help one player win tells us about that..

The roulette lady: Lola

The same thing is with Franka Potente, the actress that played the role of a female gambler named Lola. Run, Lola, run was the movie. Lola was a very interesting lady, and even more interesting roulette player. Big bets, seriously big.

Johnny Hooker

All of us remember also one of the golden boys of Hollywood movie, Robert Redford. Handsome Robbie played Johnny Hooker, not very successful roulette player in a movie named The Sting.

The Eudaemons

Some of us are still remembering the story of The Eudaemons. Some students in the 70s tried to beat the roulette using trigonometric function. They calculated the rotation of a ball and built the computer designed to predict the area where the ball would stop.

Edward Thorp and Claude Shannon

Another two guys tried to do the same - they were Edward Thorp and Claude Shannon. Their device also was designed to predict the numbers.

Gonzalo Garcia - Pelayo

Well, this mathematician really did win a great deal of money in casinos, but they never prove that he was cheating. His name was Gonzalo Garcia - Pelayo.

Moreover, numerous other players like Ashley Revell, Derren Brown or Joseph Jagger, known as a guy who understood the wheel.